We will instantly teach you how to use web services
Step-by-step training right inside the interfaces
Become a professional from the first second
Learn to use CRM, ERP, advertising programs and other services
Instantly, without looking for an answer in a video or text instruction
Without the distraction of colleagues / experts and without their emotional responses
Instructions inside the interface are memorized 2 times faster than from video and text instructions
How does Ame teach?
In the interface the buttons that need to be pressed and the fields that need to be filled in are highlighted, prompts are displayed. If something is not clear you can always ask the chatbot. See an example in the video.
a free tariff is now available, other tariffs will be introduced later
0 $
unlimited free tariff
5 $
per month without an advertising banner
45 $
when paying for the year – 25% discount